United against RSV-associated childhood mortality

RSV causes up to 40% of all pneumonia cases before 1 year of age and is the world’s leading cause of pneumonia deaths in under 6-month-olds. 99% of RSV-associated mortality occurs in LMICs. As promising strategies for RSV prevention (including maternal vaccination) are on the horizon, the chance to combat this prevalent virus has never been better. Currently, awareness of RSV is low amongst patients, policymakers, and healthcare providers, especially in LMICs. RSV awareness is crucial for equitable global implementation of emerging preventive strategies.

To this end, we have launched the global awareness project: 100xGOLD. 100xGOLD aims to deliver 100 presentations on RSV-associated mortality given by our global network of GOLD ambassadors over 1 year in LMIC settings.

To achieve this goal, we have established a global collaborative network which we always aim to expand. Those who complete a presentation will be named GOLD ambassadors and will receive a certificate and will be mentioned here on the RSVGOLD website as well as potential publications. Interested in collaborating and becoming a GOLD ambassador? E-mail us via 100xGOLD@umcutrecht.nl.