The RSV GOLD team aims to gain insight into clinical and socioeconomic characteristics of young children who died with RSV infection. This knowledge will enable us to identify important risk factors for child mortality due to RSV. An improved understanding of these risk factors will help recognize the potential impact of the various types of vaccines that are under development. Providing policy makers with this data will assist in establishment of a vaccine policy for RSV. Ultimately, the goal of this project is to combat RSV-associated childhood mortality.

Core values

This mission can be translated into core values that the RSV GOLD team stands for and that we want to convey to everybody involved.


The RSV GOLD project addresses an important global health problem. Investing dedicated effort into working towards better chances at survival for vulnerable young children is an important cause in line with Sustainable Development Goal 3.2: end preventable deaths of newborns and children under 5 years of age.


Our worldwide approach is made possible by dozens of collaborators across the globe that are sharing valuable cases with us. Experiencing this joining of forces makes us recognize the value of sharing expertise and it creates a sense of connectedness.


We value equal chances for children, regardless of their country of birth. The RSV GOLD project involves countries of every World Bank Income status from high to low income, as we aspire to advance together.